Monday, September 19, 2005

The Wyse White Owl

From the moment I read Traveller's excerpts about The Wyse Wymen of the White Owl and the accompanying prayer, I have felt so at home with this story. Le Enchanteur's invitation to visit the Wyse White Owl encouraged me to come to the isle.

Sitting in the boat with the priestesses, and listening to the hum of their Creation Chant, I felt at one with the rythms of their song, despite the fact that I couldn't understand what they were saying. On arriving at the isle, the boat is moored and the priestesses invite me to follow them.

I am filled with excited anticipation as I follow the priestesses to the home of the White Owl. I watch in silence while certain rituals are performed around the Stone. As I approach the realm of The White Owl, I feel a sadness welling up inside.

The owl says "I am a mirror to those who come through the winding way. I vow to be the sealer as well as the revealer. What is your question?"

How would I manage if I was on my own?

The beautiful White Owl looks at me with those wonderfully knowing eyes and tells me that I have all the wisdom within me, and that I will know what to do when the time comes. She reminded me that I have always shown a resourcefulness and have known where to get support when I have needed it.

From my pocket, I take a beautiful gemstone and place at the base of the tree where the White Owl rests. I am filled with consolation and peace as I follow the priestesses through the labyrinth to the boat that will take me back to Duwamish.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Dear Leonie
After wrestling with blogger templates for hours it was nourishing to come back to Owl Island and read this post. You have not only found peace of mind for yourself but provided me with a sense of peace too. I have been plagued by this anxiety for years now and it has never really lessened. But I know what you say to be true - we have the wisdom within to cope. This knowing is what sustains me.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

The stone was something else again, so beautiful.

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Leonie Bryant said...

Dear Heather,
I am pleased that my post was affirming for you. My experience with The Wyse White Owl did surprise me. It is times like these that I am so glad that I came on this journey.

At 1:24 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Only today I was talking about a sense of aloneness I feel because of religious differences within my family and so it is comforting to think that, if need be, I will find the support that I need from within and from the like minded. This journey has been illuminating on numerous occaisons and I am very glad I came with the Enchantress who is far wiser than I.


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