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Wyse wymen of the White Owl

The priestess oracles of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as some other early sacred sites, were known as ‘Magiratha’, or ‘Wyse Wymen of the White Owl’. Other than the White Owl, their sacred symbols were the Rowan and Oak trees, the honeybee, the blue star sapphire, and the labyrinth (often in the form of a labyrinth-cave). The labyrinth was their symbol as it represented the spiral path one must take in order to receive true wisdom.

A Magiratha was ‘sworn to the Stone’; that is, she took vows before a large white stone in the centre of a ceremonial pool, which represented the isle of ‘Ava’ in the lake of ‘An’. A labyrinth of dark stone was set into the bottom of the pool, encircling the Stone underwater. There was a mythical legend in which a large honeybee bore a young maiden to the centre of a sacred lake. He told her that he would create a ‘land of honey’ in the waters for her if she would keep watch over the sacred lake and sing it into the ‘New Creation’. She agreed, and he made an island for her of spun honey where she dwelt, and there she sang her song of creation. As she sang, so her isle of honey became a white cube stone, the foundation of the New Creation, and the lake of An became the cosmic sea, filled with star fish of the New Heaven. The Goddess Ashara, who had sent her honeybee to carry the maiden to the lake, threw her necklace of sea pearls into the lake and it coiled into a labyrinth about the Stone. So long as the maiden chanted the holy song, only those who carried the mark of the New Creation upon their foreheads would make their way through the labyrinth of Ashara to the Sacred Stone. The Foundation Stone contained the imprint or template of the New Heaven and Earth. This myth is part of a greater Creation Myth. We only excerpt a small portion of it in order than you may feel the sacredness of the vows the oracles swore upon the Stone.

As a Magiratha entered the lake on a golden barge, rowed by four priestesses and accompanied by another Magiratha or Mage, she began to chant the Creation Song. The words of this song were highly cryptic and meant to be comprehended only by the initiated. Once she reached the Stone, she dipped some water from the lake into a small crystal amphora (vase) and poured it over the stone, saying: “I cover thee with the veil of An. Thou art anointed with my vow to thee. Henceforth shall I keep my way in thy Light, for I am that which you are, the Way of Creation through the labyrinth of Ptah.” Then the priestess oracle would reach into a small golden bowl of honey held by the other Magiratha accompanying her, and place the silken amber upon her hands. She would ‘wash her hands’ with the honey, which came from the most sacred of hives, and then from her hands, she would coat the Stone ( token portion of it) with the honey, saying: “I return to the hive of my fortune. I guardian the sweetness of the wisdom of Past, Present and Future.” Then the other Magiratha held a blue star sapphire to the new priestess-oracle’s forehead and spoke, “Behold, she who guardians the labyrinth of Ashara, she comes in the night, she sleeps in the day. She holds the star before her, she gives birth to the sun.” The Magiratha taking her vows would then bend to gaze upon her reflection in the lake, and speak these words: “I am a mirror to those who come through the winding way. I vow to be the sealer as well as the revealer. I guard that which is for those who taste the sweetness of the fruit of the tree. I therefore set the serpent upon the path and the bee above the throne.” Through this cryptic vow, the Magiratha had sworn to impart the knowledge she was opened to receive in a way that only those who were true adepts of the wisdom therein could understand.

The underlying principle of this act as concealed in the vow is thus: knowledge of the Greater Akashic must be truly valued by the soul and commanded through wisdom and integrity in the mind. To accomplish this, one who receives this knowledge has to be an initiate of the Labyrinthine Path leading to the Stone of Wisdom, and ordained to the Light within the Word. Such truths made plain for the lesser mind do not raise the seeker into his / her spiritualized Mind-Heart, where the wisdom of the knowledge is suffused into every fibre of the being. This is the most profound intention within the communication of the knowledge from the Greater Akashic translated through the priestess oracle, to the adept-initiate.

Wyse Wymen of the White Owl and the Lunar Mysteries

The Women gather around the Moonstone. Their eyes shine with the light of the stars. Their bodies are filled with star light. Their hair pours from the font of the sun in strands of gold, red, brown and black. It is flame licking their shoulders. Their skin gleams like the petals of lotus tongues. Their faces are moonlight caught in pools of the earth, flinging their images back into the sky. The Women are bold yet not concerned with boldness. They are at peace, yet do not seek peace. They are LOVE, but their mouths know not the formation of the words of love. They become one with the Moonstone, baring its single white tooth to the heavens. It marks the distance from nothing to nowhere. As the Women hold the note of Love among them, so the Moonstone glows brighter and seems to take on a living, human form. She Becomes...her limbs outstretch, her face tilts upward, and her eyes are planets in the starry firmament. Out of every soul of the Women, so SHE is given her nature...and that nature is divine.

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The Great White Owls Prayer

Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world - hear me.
I come before you, one of your children.
I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever
Behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made,
My ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise, so that I may know
The things you have taught my people,
"And Let Me Learn With Wisdom
The Things You Wish Me To Know From Nightingale
To Understand That Which Is My Task
And That Which Is The Duty of Others
To Measure A Spirit With No Bigotry
To Do All These Tasks Led By Your Hand
To Complete These Tasks For Thy Purpose
And let me know"
The lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers,
But to be able to fight my greatest enemy,
Make me ever ready to come to you,
With clean hands and straight eyes,
So when life fades as a fading sunset,
My spirit may come to you without shame.
"Let Me Cross Over To The Meadow
To Greet My Ancestors With Tears Of Joy"

Equa Unega Wahuhi, The Great White Owl

Adapted from The Native American Prayer of : Yellow Hawk, Sioux Chief


In Romania, it is said that the souls of repentant sinners fly to heaven as Snowy Owls.
In Scottish Cailleach-oidhche gheal means White Owl or lit. White Old Wife/Crone Of The Night and Cailleach-bhàn means White Owl or lit. White hag (also used for Snowy Owl)

May you always hear the whisper of wings


At 6:19 AM, Blogger Traveller said...

An owl blog???!!!
I think it was inevitable that HP was going to exert his influence somewhere along the way :-)

At 7:07 AM, Blogger Fran said...

For the ancestoral song, for the poets, and the happy dreamers, for the ancients themselves, I thank you. The word that is true lives.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

I found this wonderful to read, and very peaceful, reassuring and uplifting. Blessings to you in return.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Leonie Bryant said...

Thankyou for posting this beautiful piece. I agree with Imogen, I also found it very calming and affirming. I am going to put part of it in my special Umbrian book.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

I was enchanted with this, Traveller - thank you for posting.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Karen said...

greetings and blessings from the spiral path!

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