Thursday, September 15, 2005

Visit the Wyse White Owl

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There are barges lined up at the Duwamish Bay jetty ready to take the initated to Wyse Owl Island for an interview with the Owl herself.

When you approach you recognise the barge, with four priestesses ready to row you across the lake to the island. Pause

As you row across to the Island the priestesses chant a creation song.

Upon arrival, they lead you, in procession, pass the Owl Island Inn, up the hill, past the light house keepers house with the red roof, and on towards the nest of the Owl. Islanders stop to watch as you pass. Pause

Once you reach the Stone,outside the Owl's dwelling a priestess dips some water from the lake into a small crystal amphora (vase) and poures it over the stone, saying: “I cover thee with the veil of An. Thou art anointed with my vow to thee. Henceforth shall I keep my way in thy Light, for I am that which you are, the Way of Creation through the labyrinth of Path.”

Then the priestess oracle reaches into a small golden bowl of honey held by the other priestesses accompanying her, and places the silken amber upon her hands. She ‘washes her hands’ with the honey, which came from the most sacred of hives, and then from her hands, she coats the Stone ( token portion of it) with the honey, saying: “I return to the hive of my fortune. I guardian of the sweetness of the wisdom of Past, Present and Future.” Pause

Another priestess holds a blue star sapphire to your forehead and says, “Behold, she who guardians the labyrinth of Ashara, she comes in the night, she sleeps in the day. She holds the star before her, she gives birth to the sun.” Pause

You enter the realm of the White Owl, via a labyrinthine path, respectfully, holding a question in your mind. Pause

The Owl says "I am a mirror to those who come through the winding way. I vow to be the sealer as well as the revealer. What is your question? Pause

You ask your question, seek the wisdom you need to sustain you through this creative journey.

The Owl speaks. Pause

You humbly thank her and quietly leave a gift. The priestesses, in formation, lead you back throught the labyrinth, down to the village, past the inn and back to the barge and row you back to Duwamish where the sun is just rising over the jetty.

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