Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On Owl Island

I felt quite exhausted, I hadn't even taken a turn at rowing with Angelina,what on earth would make me tired.

Perhaps magic does this,what I have seen,experienced,learnt,passed on to others etc etc would make anyone feel faint.....

I rested under a large pine tree in among the needles which were thick on the ground.

I dozed for a few hours and awoke to the loud chirping and singing of the birds above my head.

Time to get up and going they sang ,I knew what their message was loud and clear.

The hill was steep, rocky in parts, sparse in vegetation blown by the wind in such an exposed place ... Tusset plants and prickly cacti and assorted leaning bushes did not make for a beautiful vista.

I slowly made my way up to the top of the hill,sipping on my bottle of water as I stepped it out ,counting stopped at 600,too much breath to be wasted...Why bother I thought ,as long as I get there in one piece.

I reached the summit (I called it) having never done any real mountain climbing before,this was by way my Pie'ce de resistance.(Hope this is ok)

As I looked across the wide expanse of vegetation I noticed a large clump of pine trees standing alone on the next small hill below ...Among the green of the pines there appeared to be white flecks ,from high up they looked like pieces of fine material...I shook my head ,took out my reading glasses and looked again.

No material in sight but I caught just at that moment a flock of white birds going out toward the sea.... Quite large heads ,rather plump in size ,big eyes ,and then they were gone.. I could not put a name to them ,strange birds I had not seen before down on the sea shore where I live.... I waited awhile and then trudged down the very steep mountain (I call it) ,carefully so as not to lose my footing..... On reaching the bottom I walked across the bare ground to the clump of pine trees I had seen from the top of the hill..... There were feathers everywhere ,all over the ground making a blanket as if a ready made bed for travellers who may be in need of a rest I thought.

Looking up I could see nests atop the tall pines and on listening I could hear the noise of chirping baby birds,loud squealing ,squalking, none in tune..... The cry of babies calling for their mother for food

(We women do all the work I said to myself) .... The noise was deafening ..How could anyone sleep through this,well it was day time after all and one shouldn't be sleeping (Except if one is older) They would quieten down at night after being fed I hoped....

Talking of food I was feeling peckish myself, so I rumaged in my purple nap-sack for a serviette I had wrapped some cheese and bread in and an apple from Duwamish Bay,delicious apples they are too.
So I sat among the feathers and tried to ignore the noise above as I ate my lunch...

That was the last thing I remember as I opened my eyes and realised I had dozed off again ,it was getting dark and the noise above my head had settled down to a mere chirp chirp of satisfaction as the little ones ate their dinner from the mouth of their Mothers....

I will continue my story tomorrow as urgent jobs such as feeding Jessie Dog await me ...
Lois.(Muse of the Sea)


At 5:00 AM, Blogger Fran said...

My dear Lois of the Misty Shore: May I please join you if you have a spare sandwich? My day has been very long and the Donkeys have gone to sleep. Fran, Secretary

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